Hosting Lizard F.A.Q.

Who Is Hosting Lizard?

Hosting Lizard is an Internet Hosting Provider. We offer an inexpensive shared hosting reseller hosting and dedicated servers for any size of business.

How long does it take to set up a Dedicated Server?

Our typical lead time is 3 business days. More custom applications may require additional set up time and or set up fees.

Does Hosting Lizard manage Dedicated Server?

No. You will need to manage your own server. If you have questions or support needs not related to managing your server, you can contact Hosting Lizard’s Technical Support Staff who will be ready to help. If you are interested in managed services, please contact us at 262-248-6759.

Do you support IPv6?

Yes. Hosting Lizard was an early adopter of IPv6 and provide you with IPv6 address space upon request.

How are Dedicated Servers secured?

Hosting Lizard’s facilities are under constant surveillance during manned hours of operation and monitored via  Security and Camera after hours. Our network consists of fully redundant and diverse connections to the Internet backbone through multiple connections to our providers.

Who is responsible for handling hardware components if they fail?

Hosting Lizard is responsible for all of your hardware. In the event of malfunction or failure, we will replace failed hardware at no cost to you.

Does Hosting Lizard monitor Dedicated Servers?

Hosting Lizard’s systems monitor your server 24 hours a day, via PageSentry and our advance paging system. Our Technical Staff are notified immediately in the event of problems. We have optional auto-reboot systems in place to restart your server in the event of a crash. On call technicians are also available 24/7 to reboot your server in the event of an emergency.

Are there any bandwidth limitations?

The amount of bandwidth available to you depends upon your initial server customization selections. If you anticipate needing additional bandwidth, you can request this by contacting us at sales@Hosting Lizard or calling your sales representative at 262-248-6759.

Do Dedicated Servers have a control panel?

All of our dedicated servers come installed cPanel.

Does Hosting Lizard provide backup services?

For more information on backup services, please contact our sales team at 262-248-6759.

Can I manage my own DNS information and records?

You can manage your own DNS using cPanel.

What are your regular business hours?

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM, excluding holidays. Special access or after hours access may be granted by appointment only. Emergency access is available as well. We have after hours paging/numbers available to our customers upon request.

Why should I use Hosting Lizard?

It’s our specialty since 1997 – look at all we offer:

  • Full-time UPS
  • IP addresses and DNS services
  • multiple redundant connections to the Internet
  • technical support
  • climate controlled environment
  • crisis verification and notification
  • Real time web based traffic utilization graphs.

For the increased value added benefits which Hosting Lizard offers with its Dedicated Services, there is no comparison.

Are there other server guidelines I should be aware of?

In order to properly deliver Hosting Lizard’s full suite of managed products and services, Hosting Lizard’s Technical Staff requires continuous administrative access to dedicated servers. You should ensure that while working with your server that you do not interrupt Hosting Lizard’s anonymous SSH or Terminal Service access to your server. If this connection is disrupted, Hosting Lizard may not be able to properly manage and maintain your server.

Because of the complexity of server configurations, Hosting Lizard requests that you keep good records of work performed by you or those whom you have granted access to your system. Should any problems arise and you require our assistance, maintaining a good history of the server will enable Hosting Lizard technicians to better troubleshoot and repair problems. We strongly recommend you maintain a text file that lists the date and description of modifications to your system.

Web Hosting F.A.Q

Q. What Kind of computers do you use for web servers?
A. We currently employ a wide array of dual processor based Quad Core Servers running cPanel and WHM. We custom build each server using only the highest quality components.

Q. How reliable are your servers?
A. We do not have major downtime on a regular basis, and very rarely have any outages during prime-time. We have very experienced staff managing our servers and we use server monitoring tools  monitoring to ensure your network and servers all always reachable.  Maintenance if necessary is only done in off peak hours. On call technicians are  available 24/7 for any after hours emergency.

Q. How can I setup POP/IMAP eMail accounts for everyone in my company?
A. You have complete control over your email accounts and every aspect of  your account using from within cPanel.

Q. Do you provide statistics?
A. Yes. Your web site logs can be parsed and viewed using your cPanel and Analog, Webalizer, Awstats, etc.

Q. How long does it take to setup an account?
A. Your account is usually ready same day. Custom order Dedicated Servers have a 3 day lead time depending on inventory and availability.

Q. Do we take credit cards?
A. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. We also accept Paypal.

Q. Do you offer SSL?
A. Yes, we offer SSL certificates, and can also offer you a secure site using one of our certificates for small fee.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located between Milwaukee, WI. and Chicago, IL. with offices in Lake Geneva, WI.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We have been in been in business for over 20 years. (Since 1997)

Q. How can I contact you?
A. The best way to contact us is through eMail.